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Horoscope 2016

What plans destiny has for you in 2016? Will you grab the throne of success & prosperity or disappointments will drop down your confidence? Will love make its way into your life or loneliness will annoy you? Let horoscope 2016 say it all.

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Aries Horoscope 2016

For Arians, horoscope 2016 predicts a bag of mixed results. To start up with your domestic life, you might face stress and tensions at times. Moving on to your career, success and progress are witnessed for this year. However, it would be good not to expect good times at workfront very soon, as some delay is possible. Businessmen should control making hurry in their decisions. Don’t spend money in huge investments. Besides this, make sure to spend only on really important things and not useless stuffs. Love life looks a bit boring and nothing happening looks coming your way. Intimacy will lack in your love life. Stay away from useless discords and don’t interfere in matters of others. Be optimistic and work on improving your temper. Share market is not your cup of tea in 2016. Betterment will make its way after August.


Taurus Horoscope 2016

2016 looks fortunate for Taureans. As long as you share an affectionate and cordial bond with your spouse, you can rest assured about goodness in your conjugal life. You will get opportunities to spend romantic time with your partner. Problems and challenges will crop up at workfront. Profits are foreseen for businessmen; however, you need to keep patience and wait for the benefits. Taureans will enjoy their love life throughout 2016. This year, you need to keep your inner self contented and happy in order to achieve your goals. Sexual desires will distract your mind from your target. Don’t get into illegal affairs. Going for someone other than your partner will lead to defamation. Talking about your financial life, it seems that you will enjoy wonderful finances. A lot more is coming your way financially.


Gemini Horoscope 2016

This year looks favoring you in almost every aspect. The trust and love you and your spouse share will keep your conjugal life strong and blissful. But, your partner will not share a great bond with your relatives and family members. Throughout this year, be attentive toward your health. Eat right and exercise regularly for disease free body. Keep an eye on your expenses and don't waste money on useless things. Don't take debts, else it will trouble you later. This year is lucky for businessmen. You might think about taking help of illegal things; however, you should avoid this path. Love will enter you life from every sphere and quite happening moments are possible with lover. Though minor issues are possible, nothing major will affect your personal life this year.


Cancer Horoscope 2016

Cancerians are going to have a fabulous year regarding their personal life. But, you will not share the same chemistry with your family members. In 2016, be careful toward your health, as you are at risk of getting affected by any health issue. You have to be attentive toward financial matters as well. Don’t trust anybody blindly. Strategies are possible against you; hence, be very careful. Natives looking for new job will find a far better job with satisfactory income. Some of you might see their work load increasing; however, there will be a good rise in your salary as well. You might fall in love with someone belonging to other caste. Trust us, this affair looks quite serious. However, don’t involve much in sexual activities.


Leo Horoscope 2016

Lions will enjoy bliss in 2016 with every aspect of their life going the way they desire. You will share intense chemistry with your spouse and everybody who is close to your heart. However, you need to be careful toward health, as you are expected to gain extra kilos. It would be good to avoid fried food to keep your body in shape. One more thing you can do is putting an end on consumption of alcohol. This year is good for your finances, you will earn and save ample wealth. Must say, this year is strongly in your favor as far as finances are concerned. Whether you are a businessman or a service person, profits are definite for you. You will enjoy name, fame, recognition and everything you ever wanted. Love life will blossom as well. You might get married if plans of marriage are there. Sexual desires will also fulfill, overall a great year for every aspect related to love & romance.


Virgo Horoscope 2016

Virgos might face a not-so-great bond with their spouse. Besides your partner, you might have a hard time with your family members. Health also looks out of order, be careful toward it. Don’t act careless for health this year or you might regret later. Unfortunately, finances also look weak. Try saving as much as you can, spend money on right things only. Owing to positioning of Jupiter in twelfth house, some problems might enter your life. Be calm and patient till August, as things will change for good after this month only. Natives who are in jobs, will experience satisfaction. You are going to have the best of your love life this year. Make sure not to overthink, as it will lead to no good.


Libra Horoscope 2016

You might feel that harmony of your family life is fading away this year, if you live in a joint family. Things will remain beautiful if you live in a nuclear family. During this year, keep trust maintained on your spouse. Some of you might face difficult time with family members. You might face complications in the bond shared between you and your spouse. Natives who are into service will have a better time than those who own business. Things will change to a great extent after August 11. Useless expenses will built up, be careful about your finances. Matters of taking and lending money need to be dealt very carefully. Love is all about loyalty and dedication, keep this in mind and nothing else is needed. Keep your fantasies in control.


Scorpio Horoscope 2016

This is the year when Scorpions need to coordinate with their spouse in every aspect of life. Personal life will go through continuous ups & downs. You might not like the behavior of your children and this will lead to stress at times. Keep yourself away from laziness and work sincerely to ensure profits. Fun and entertainment are important elements of life, but don’t waste time in them. Keep a check on your expenses and try to save as much as you can till August. Don’t make any investment before this month. Misunderstandings and doubts should not affect your love life this year. Don’t rent space to these issues in 2016. Married Scorpions will have a fabulous year and will enjoy love & intimacy. Make sure to gain control on sexual thoughts.


Sagittarius Horoscope 2016

You are expected to face arguments and familial discords. Keep yourself away from contaminated things, be it any eatable or environment. Sagittarians who are into jobs will enjoy progress this year. Your performance will improve after August. It is suggested to keep your temper in control, as it is the only way to ensure cordial bond with everyone. Be very careful regarding finances. Don’t trust anybody, as someone might cheat or betray you. 2016 is not that fortunate for businessmen. You have to be very smart regarding your decisions and investments, else you might get trapped in legal troubles. Distance yourself from illegal activities. To ensure goodness and success, give the best of your potential in everything.


Capricorn Horoscope 2016

Natives of this sign will lack peace & harmony in their life this year. You might get into useless arguments with your family members and spouse as well. Try to control the situation, else atmosphere of family will get affected. You have to be very careful regarding your speech. Think wisely before speaking, as you might sound harsh or rude this year. Health issues such as headache, mental tension and indigestion are possible to affect you in 2016. If you are free from Dasha of Ketu, extreme profits will come to you this year. You will get name, fame and honor in your job. If looking for a new job, this year is in your favor. Businessmen will also see their business flourishing. You might also get governmental deals or agreements. 2016 is fabulous for your love life as well.


Aquarius Horoscope 2016

Aquarians will have the usual routine in their domestic life. Minor troubles are possible, but things will remain under control due to positioning of Jupiter in seventh house. Some of you might face problems with family. Health issues are possible due to brain and genitals. During this year, you will remain financially stress free. You will have ample wealth this year and savings will also increase tremendously. Friends will support in every thick & thin of life. However, don’t do anything that might harm you or put you in trouble in any way possible. Service people will enjoy name, fame, promotion and satisfactory hike in their salary. Seniors, colleagues and boss, everyone will appreciate your flawless work. 2016 has opportunities and goodness for businessmen as well. Love life will keep you cheerful throughout this year.


Pisces Horoscope 2016

Pisceans might not get to enjoy much this year. Problems are possible in familial life. To keep troubles away, be very careful each second and don’t do anything in hurry. Mistakes done in this year might lead to major problems; hence, make sure to keep your actions & decisions perfect. Health issues related to kidney, intestine and liver are possible to affect you. Finances look normal this year. You might face problems at workfront, but things will settle later. Your sincerity and hard work will bring progress and recognition in professional life. Your work will be appreciated by one and all. Businessmen will cherish huge success after August. Possibilities of associating with new partners are quite high. Goodnes will come in love life after August. Before this month, be very careful.

With this, horoscope 2016 predictions come to an end. Use the best of these readings and overcome disappointments & bad times.

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